Take the first breath under water, feel the freedom and zero gravity, look into the amazing, almost unknown world – everything is possible! Even without special training, almost everyone can get a safe and fun experience of diving.
We offer a program of test dives for adults and children from 8 years.

Discover Scuba Diving (from 10 years old)

So easy that even unbelivable!
The first in your life scuba dive you can make today! Selection and fitting of equipment, a drop of explanations and key rules, a couple of exercises to feel confident and … hey presto – you are already enjoying the beauty of the underwater world, a sense of flying, exciting novelty. Under the guidance and close attention of an experienced instructor PADI, you will safely and confidently make your first scuba dive.
Passing program Discover Scuba Diving (DSD), except for terrific impression, you get a diploma certifying your participation in the program.
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Bubblemaker (from 8 years old)

Give your child an unforgettable experience!
Bubblemaker course is designed specifically for children who want to learn how to dive, safely and funny make their first scuba dive, learn to breathe underwater and get a lot of impressions. Course conducted by a qualified PADI instructor in the pool, where the maximum depth is only 2 meters. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate.
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Prices for diving courses

Service Price, euro
April-September October-March
Discover Scuba Diving (Try dive in a pool) 50 40
Discover Scuba Diving (Try dive in Ocean) 60 50
Bubblemaker 1 Dive in a pool (8-12 years) 50 40

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