Norwegian cargo ship Torvore rounded Sagres on the way to Naples from Swansea, where he was followed by the German submarine U-35, commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière. It was the submarine that sank three other ships that day, including cargo ship Wilhelm Krag. After the U-35 captain stopped Torvor and checked documents, learned that the ship is a British citizen, he decided to sink Torvor. German sailors boarded and, after evacuating the crew of Torvor, fastened on the ship explosives. Torvor sunk, but no lives were lost.
This three-decker pretty big wreck 78.5×10.5×5.9 meters and weighing 1,667 tons. Because of the explosion it was badly damaged, so you can only view it from the outside. But even outside there is a lot to see: huge boilers and chimneys remain intact, ship inhabit many conga eels, moray eels, octopus, scorpionfish.
Depth – 30-35 meters.
The required level of certification – AOWD experienced with 30 dives and relevant experience of deep dives or AOWD with Deep Diver speciality.