Everyone who wants to enjoy the process of spearfishing can come to Portugal, where this kind of hunting is very popular. Algarve is a favorite destination for underwater hunters from around the world. The whole coast is full of beaches that are famous for their beauty. Favorable weather conditions of the area attracts not only spearfishers, but lots of prey. Water is literally teeming with a variety of marine life. Here, lovers of underwater fishing can hunt for sea-bass, eel, flounder, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, lobster, sarga, dorado, safio or triger-fish. That’s why from year to year here takes place world-class competitions of spearfishing. If you go spearfishing in this part of Portugal, be sure, you will come back with a rich catch and unforgettable impressions. Equipment for spearfishing you can bring with you or rent here (if pre-reserve).

  price (euro)
The cost of renting a boat for 5 hours (up to 6 people) 300€
Spearfishing licence 5€
Extra hour 40€
Master-class, 4 hours (min 3 persons) 70€ (per person)
Equipment rent by request

Book here: portugal@dive-time.net