Rocha Negra

Reef was named because of its clear black. It was created in the ancient lava flow, even when standing near Monchique mountain was a volcano. You can clearly see the difference between the black volcanic rock and standing side by side sandstone cliffs.
Black Rock is located at a depth of 15-16 meters. This site is very popular among divers who like nudibranches. There are so many of them and they reach unprecedented magnitude, more than anywhere else! The largest registered specimens – about 20 cm! There are also a lot of lobsters, conga eels and large octopuses, along with lots of other marine life.
The best part is that on this site you can dive at any time of the year and almost any weather. Visibility conditions here have no value! The most interesting is the rock in the hundreds and hundreds of cracks, pits, caves. Here you can spend hours to explore a small area of the rock, finding something new and interesting!
Depth: 15-16 metres.
The required level of certification: Open Water Diver.