What to do in Portugal?

Every tourist knows that he wants to rest and to change the scenery, but not everyone can say what he is looking for. Therefore, it is not easy to make a choice from variety of proposals.

Whether you are looking for sun, sea, beach activities – you’ll find them in Portugal. Whether you are seeking a relaxing city tours, steeped in history, magnificent architecture – you will find them in Portugal. Whether you’re looking for fun, nightclubs, water parks and extreme adrenaline entertainment – you’ll find them in Portugal. Holidays in Portugal is sure to impress even the most demanding and the most unpretentious guests!

Distinctive unique country with a mild subtropical climate draws a huge number of attractions for all tastes, gorgeous Atlantic beaches, stunningly beautiful landscapes high quality service, exquisite food.

Sunny southern region Algarve – it’s warm and entertainment all year round. Especially attractive are water sports: diving, surfing, kayaking, sea trips, fishing, spearfishing. The main tourist season – from March to October, but people underestimate the Algarve! There can be equally interesting to spend a holiday throughout the year. Mainly in winter blow south winds from the African coast, bringing warm currents. Therefore, in winter ocean surprisingly warm.

Holidays in Portugal, will give the warmest memories captured on numerous of photos (you’ll not be able to leave your camera for a minute!), A stunningly beautiful souvenirs and oceans of delight!
Popular attractions of Algarve you will find – here.