Oliveira e Carmo

Corvette Oliveira e Carmo was the first ship sunk in Portugal within the program revival of the ocean in October 2012. In the 1970s, corvette participated in the Portuguese colonial war, then patrolled the Portuguese waters.
Now, this 4-deck giant size 85x12x17 meters rests at a depth of 32 meters (depth of the top of the ship – 15 meters). The entire interior of the ship is available to explore. Here you can find solar fish and sea urchins, but the main attraction is the wreck itself. It is in excellent condition and it sits absolutely straight on the sand.
Depth – from 15 to 32 meters.
The required level of certification – Open Water Diver (outside only inspection of the ship), AOWD experienced with 40 dives and/or Wreck Diver Speciality for penetration of the wreck.

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