Hermenegildo Capelo

Frigate Hermenegildo Capelo was sunk by the project of revival of the ocean in 2013. The upper part of the ship is at a depth of 11 meters, the bottom – at 32 meters depth. The frigate has 6 decks, 4 diesel engine, 100mm gun on the bow, weighs 2,700 tons. The size of the ship: 102x12x19 meters. For experienced divers (AOWD with 40 dives or more and / or specialization of Wreck Diver) we offer to explore the ship inside. All of it’s inner part is available for inspection.
Moving from bow to stern on the outside of the ship we can visit the bridge, the radar room, engine room, which already inhabit with a variety of marine life.
Depth – from 11 to 32 meters.
The required level of certification – OWD for wreck inspection outside, AOWD experienced with 40 dives and/or Wreck Diver Specialist for penetration of the wreck.

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